Why will businesses will pay more attention to personality in the future? This is the question Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic asks himself in an article published by Psychology Today. Below are 8 out of 20 of the reasons that were sighted in the article.

  • Employee engagement is influenced by personality and, if you want engaged employees, happy people are the best to hire
  • Top jobs will become even more complex and will therefore require constant learning: notably having a hungry mind depends on personality
  • Team-work will become even more important and compatible personalities create synergy, incompatible ones create problems
  • Top jobs will require employees to cope with very high levels of pressure; it’s personality which affects employees' ability to cope with it
  • The success of big businesses will be even more connected to their brand reputation, which means the way consumers perceive the business brand is influenced by human-like features
  • The best way to increase employee engagement is by hiring bosses with the right personality - in the US and the UK, over 60 percent of employees are unhappy with their managers
  • Employers will be able to profile job applicants by simply looking at their social media profiles, where they can find important information about a candidate’s personality and values
  • More and more people are considering self-employment or starting their own business (instead of working for someone else): this is especially true when their boss is a not nice, which depends on his or her personality.