We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner and to regularly monitor our activities to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. It is our Policy to:
  • Integrate environmental management into our day-to-day business operations to ensure environmental issues are addressed, whilst providing a professional level of service to all our clients for example, by communicating electronically rather than through paper-based means; by discouraging clients from sending unnecessary paperwork; and by planning travel to minimise miles covered.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements and monitor the Netregs news alerts for any changes to relevant legislation.
  • Minimise our use of natural resources. The main resource used by SanTranslate.com is electricity for lighting and powering computers; we will use low energy light bulbs, and switch of lighting and equipment when not in use.
  • Re-use resources, in particular re-using paper before recycling, whenever possible rather than disposing of them.
  • Encourage the use of recycled materials and recycling initiatives for example, moving to the use of recycled paper, recycling any waste paper and card as well as recycling printer cartridges.
  • Ensure that all our stakeholders can access our policy through the company website and respond appropriately to reasonable requests for information about our environmental performance.

More specific examples of these policy points are detailed below.

Waste Minimisation

SanTranslate.com follows the principles set out in the waste minimisation hierarchy.

  • Eliminate – avoid producing waste.
  • Reduce – minimise the amount of waste produced.
  • Re-use – use an item as many times as possible.
  • Recycle – only after it has been re-used.
  • Dispose – as a last resort and do so in a responsible manner.

Specifically, SanTranslate.com:

  • Conducts much of its business electronically, reducing the need for printing and paper.
  • Where “good” copies of paperwork are required for clients, prints on two sides of the page using the ecofont to reduce use of printing ink.
  • For internal use, re-uses paper acquired from other sources, e.g. direct mail, event delegate lists, printed as draft quality.
  • For external use, uses recycled paper.
  • Recycles printer cartridges.
  • Uses rechargeable batteries.

Purchasing Policy

Wherever possible, SanTranslate.com sources environmentally friendly/ethically produced supplies and will review any new purchases to select those which have the least environmental and most ethical impact.


SanTranslate.com prioritises the use of public transport or travel on foot where a journey is as easy, or easier, than by car. Wherever possible, car journeys are planned to minimise mileage.

Energy Efficiency

SanTranslate.com’s energy efficiency policies include:

  • Not leaving electrical equipment on standby.
  • The use of low-energy lightbulbs.

Review of environmental performance

SanTranslate.com will review its environmental performance annually or more often should the business face any major strategic or operational changes.