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Planning Your Website Translation Project

If you are expanding your business, you are probably considering translating your website into another language. Good planning is critical when starting any website translation project.

It is important to pick which languages that you want to translate your website into. The languages you select will depend on your target market and customer. You should also set a budget, develop a project schedule and select a good translation provider.

A good translation provider will work with a professional translator who is an expert in the country and language you are targeting. They will understand the local culture and ensure that your original message is not lost. Finally, they will work with your web developers to make sure the symbols and colours used on your website are appropriate.

After you select the translation provider, you should also decide how you will communicate with them, including how you will send and receive files and project status reports. You should also decide how you will test and check the quality of the final work. A good translation provider will be able to help you with this.

If you need a quality website translation provider, ask SanTranslate.

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What is a Certified Translation?

Government agencies and other organisations often need proof that a document is official before they can accept the document. If the original document is in another language or from another country, the receiving organisation usually has no way of checking the authenticity of the document themselves. This is where a certified translation may be required.

A translator can supply a translation of the document with a stamped declaration on headed paper stating that the translation they have provided is a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Translated documents that often need a certified translation are the following:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce documents
  • Educational diplomas and certifications
  • Official work and medical reports
  • Power of attorney or other contracts

If you need a certified translationSanTranslate can definitely help. All of our certified translations meet the stipulated requirements to submit translated documents to the UK Home Office, UK Border Agency, UK NARIC and major educational institutions. Ask SanTranslate.

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Get On Your Bicycle!

Bicycles were invented in the 19th century, and now there are approximately one billion worldwide. Why should people choose to cycle instead of using other means of transport?

First of all, cycling is a healthy and ecological way of commuting. The bicycle is an optimal mode of transportation for short and moderate distances; it doesn’t use fossil fuels and doesn’t cause air or noise pollution. When the weather’s nice, cycling is a way to enjoy the outdoors and observe the landscape, which is more difficult to do when driving a car.

In big cities, another advantage of cycling is reducing the stress caused by spending a lot of time looking for a parking place. The bicycle can access both roads and paths.

Bicycle activism is based on two broad and correlated themes: one is about promoting the bicycle as an alternative means of transport, and the other is about the creation of conditions to encourage bicycle use, both as a means of transport and as a leisure activity. According to Sustrans, the British charity to promote sustainable transport, investment in cycling provisions can give a 20:1 return due to health improvements and other benefits. Let’s cycle, then!

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