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Swansea University’s Translation Project

Scientists at Swansea University are asking for translations in all languages of Shakespeare’s work Othello, including various versions in English. The team already has translations in 20 languages, including Albanian, Catalan, Finnish, Kiswahili, Macedonian, Persian and Ukrainian. They are expecting 300 translations in over 100 languages.

Shakespeare’s work is being used as a test piece. The eventual goal of the project is to create a cultural database of some of the world’s most important literary pieces.

Once the translated works are collected, the researchers will use software to determine which parts of the work agree in the translated versions and which parts differ. The findings will allow the team to research interesting questions about cultures, history, translation and languages.

So far, the translations the team have received for Othello show large differences in how Shakespeare’s words are interpreted in different countries.

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Machine Translation vs. Human Translation

Machine translation has come a long way over the years, and it is useful way to get the general meaning of a document. Tools such as Google Translate and Babelfish can help you understand a website or an email when it is not critical for the exact word for word translation to be known.

However, machine translators should never be used for business critical matters. Some of the errors that can occur are as follows:

  • Incomplete or even incomprehensible sentences
  • Grammar rules not being followed
  • Incorrect meaning of a word used making a sentence appear out of context.

Machine translators work by substituting one word for the other. The programs use a statistical model to work out what should be displayed as the translation. The programs do not use grammatical rules and are only as good as their original programing.

Machine translators have their place, but they should not be used when a translation is critical to your business. A good, human translation will ensure your customers receive your intended message.

For any of your translation needs, contact SanTranslate.

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Six New Languages for Twitter

Twitter’s Translation Center was originally released in February 2011. They have now added six new languages bringing the total of available languages to 28.

The new languages are Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, CzechGreek and Ukrainian. Twitter said that they received thousands of requests to add languages to the system. The six new ones were the ones with the most requests over the past year.

Twitter makes use of volunteers to help translate in the Translation Center. “Some of these volunteers live in regions where Twitter is officially blocked. Their efforts speak volumes about the lengths people will go to make Twitter accessible and understandable for their communities, " wrote the company in its official blog.

The company went on to thank all of the volunteers for helping Twitter to be more widely available. As one of the world’s most popular social networking platform, Tweets can now go out to thousands more users because of their efforts.

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