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In search of English linguists

English is spoken by around 400 million people worldwide. According to an article by The Linguist, the official bi-monthly journal of the British Chartered Institute of Linguists, the demand for interpreters with English as their mother-tongue is increasing in the EU.

Throughout the English-speaking world there is in fact the general perception that learning a foreign language for an English-speaking native is a difficult way to acquire a qualification. At the same time it will not lead to employment, because everybody speaks English anyway. Finding a good English linguist is a difficult task because there are so few, but as professionals they are important: language interpreters are essential not only for bridging cultural differences, but also for increasing a company’s or country’s earnings.

In spring 2005 CILT, the National Centre for Languages, carried out a survey by sending via email, a questionnaire to all registered BLIS Professionals providers based in the UK. The key findings were that while the demand for language training is decreasing, there is a discernible increase in demand for translation services, especially in finance, IT and legal services.

Financial translation and legal translation are two of our main services. Since 2001 we’ve specialised in quality professional translation and language services. You can rely on our 10 years of experience: we offer the best translations in the UK to help you on your way in making your business a success.

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When translation is the key to success

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 has just been released worldwide by Warner Bros and marks the last instalment of the most successful film franchise of all time.

Harry Potter books have been translated from the original English into 67 other languages and in April 2011, worldwide sales were estimated to be at around 450 million copies.

The success of this story has been made possible largely because of the work of translators: the high profile nature of the product and its global demand dictated the need for a great deal of care in carrying out the task of translation. In Italy, for instance, the first book was revised by the publishers and issued in an updated edition in response to readers who complained about the quality of the first translation. In countries such as China and Portugal, the translation was conducted by a team of translators to save time. Would Harry Potter have been so successful if the books had been poorly translated?

The series presented many unique challenges to translators. There are rhymes, acronyms, dialects, riddles, jokes, invented words, and plot points that revolve around spelling or initials, as well as nuances of British culture which are unfamiliar to international readers.

Such things require careful and creative translating. In business, like in literature, it’s not only what you say but also how you say it that determines your success. If you don’t want your message to lose strength in foreign markets, make sure you go for a quality translation.

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Back to the future: what’s new on the news?

After the phone-hacking scandal involving the News of the World, it’s time that the press asks itself how news is made and circulates in the era of the internet. This is exactly what The Economist investigated this week in a special report.

Today everybody can be a journalist. By using websites such as YouTube and social networks like Twitter and Facebook people share information in real time.

However, the situation changes outside the West. Can you believe that Facebook, loved by Westeners, is very rare in Japan, South Africa, Brazil and India? In China, where all news is screened before it reaches the public, it is completely blacked out. Instead the Chinese use Renren.com, 17 million Japanese access Mixi from their mobiles, South Africans have MXit and Brazilians and Indians like Google’s Orkut. In the meantime, in these countries the circulation of paid-for daily newspapers is increasing, contrary to Europe and the US.

We can say that a more participatory and social news environment is on the whole a good thing, but we are in a way overwhelmed by information; the transparency of sources nowadays may therefore count more than objectivity. This is probably the reason why Fox News, a conservative American cable-news channel famous for being opinionated, makes more profits than its less strident rivals, CNN and MSNBC, combined.

To sum up, we can say the current news environment is closer to the coffee houses and the conversational culture of the era before mass media and we can enjoy it, but we have to pay attention to the reliability of the information we are exposed to.

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