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Global Crisis, Global Opportunities

Every day we are bombarded with news on how Greece is facing the risk of defaulting.

If this really happens, Greece will not be able to pay for their debt obligation resulting in a domino effect of financial downturns. Indeed it appears as though Portugal and Ireland’s economies are getting worse too.

Moody’s, one of the most established credit rating agencies believe that if Greece has a credit default, other countries will be in trouble. The Euro will surely be affected and every part of Europe will suffer from the recession.

When contemplating this economic threat, together with the financial strife that the US is still in, one can’t help but ask what does our future hold and how do we grow without being the victims of this global crisis? The situation is complex so the best way to sustain profits is to keep the cash flow healthy and to tap into more than one market. By doing so, your risks are spread.

Juxtaposing the Western hemisphere, Asian markets are growing more rapidly than ever. It seems likely that they will be driving the global market in the future especially in International Trade. Already we are seeing powerful brands wisely taking notice of this trend; Chanel for example have dedicated their latest range to the Chinese community with Chinese dollies.Prada, was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. And French brand, Loccitaine who only recently listed themselves (in 2010) in the Asian market are taking advantage of their huge popularity by making their retail price almost double what they charge in France and the UK. It’s never too late to avoid a negative change in fortune as long as you act quickly and stay aware of changing economic patterns of your market.

At SanTranslate we experts in translation, allowing you to leave no stone unturned in the search for new markets overseas; we can be the first steps in your business’s expansion.

Think SanTranslate.

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10 brands that are going to disappear in 2012

Over the last few months we have seen famous brands such as Mother Care and Habitat heading to the Far East or reducing in size. Some economic analysts forecast that major brands such as Sony Pictures, Nokia, and Saab will soon disappear in 2012.

There is much debate over whether this is mere conjecture and questioning the future of established brands like Sony Pictures can indeed be hard to believe.

However, it is far more important to avoid getting into situations where such speculation can grow over your business. Think step by step and get yourself known through our professional translation service. Make sure you spend time to plan so that you and your business are safeguarded through times of economic turbulence.

Think SanTranslate.

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Counting Down On London 2012 Olympics!

In less than a year the Olympic flame will reach the UK attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. The big boys are obviously ready to exploit this opportunity but smaller businesses don’t have to feel left out.

Here are our 8 tips on winning more international tourists over to our lovely Great Britain:

Step 1: Think and plan

Does your business sell limited or unlimited products/services? If you don’t have a threshold, then make sure your backend is ready for busy periods to avoid last minute panic. If otherwise, you will need to have contingency plans to ensure you don’t disappoint your customers.

Step 2: Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese

You can decide based on past experience, industry reviews and local business links. If you are not sure, feel free to chat with us and we will check out which languages we see as having the best opportunities for your business.

Step 3: Customer segment

You will be the best person to know your customer demographics. You can therefore determine what overall tone your translation needs in order to grab the most attention.

Step 4: How much?

If you are certain of Steps 2 and 3, you can focus your budget and resources and initiate push marketing on the languages of your choice. Alternatively, cut down on the literature and translate into more languages to spread your marketing for wider customer segments.

Step 5: Get known through the web & iphone

Have your website translated only if you are ready. Depending on the size and complexity SanTranslate can translate up to 10 pages in less than a week. Once the pages are live, it can take weeks to crawl on major search engines. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Tips: Make sure the site layout is android or iphone friendly. Japanese tourists in particular prefer surfing with their phones while they are on the go.

Step 6: Get known in target international directories

Most tourists don’t like searching through UK directories. They will either ask their UK friends for recommendations, or go to local reviews and search. The ones that are translated will obviously be more appealing.

Step 7: Get known through SNS

Everyone is doing this, but make sure you do it right! Good, original writing plus sharp marketing translation techniques are key in getting your news to travel fast! Don’t forget to monitor the results to allow you to make adjustments on the amount of effort or budget you expend going forward.

Step 8: Customer experience is most important

After all these efforts, the highest reward will be the glowing feedback you receive from your customers. Make sure they have handouts or audios if they are lost in translation. Even a thank you note will make them feel very welcome. Get them to subscribe or refer a friend to get your service known even more (don’t expect overnight results though!) Do remember, by giving a good service you will create a viral effect that will not just spread your name, but will give people yet another reason to visit Great Britain.

For further reading, Go to Visit Britain

At SanTranslate we can provide you translations and interpretations in every Language. Click SanTranslate.com or contact us atask@santranslate.com

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