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Get Known through Professional Translation Services

We live in a world of advertising and banners. Only those who are adept at translation and thus communication with their customers will survive and be successful.

Marketers will always try their utmost to create an effective marketing mix. They have a seemingly supernatural talent for being able to twist bland products and services into something special. Fundamental to this magic touch however is their choice of words and of course, the big picture behind it. Take Coco Madamemoiselle by Chanel for example – they are not selling the top and bottom notes of their fragrance, they are selling how sexy and sophisticated you will be, just like Keira Knightley.

Think carefully about your brand and business communication and think even more when you want to sell internationally. It is hugely important to bear in mind the different cultures you are entering and their likes and dislikes (such as religious sensitivities). The endeavour to customize your approach can however result in an endless list depending on which country you are selling to.

Contact us and we will relieve you of this burden. We believe that language translation is not simply about transferring a message – when choosing us to deal with your international marketing endeavours you will have secured our expertise in adopting cultural nuance, punchy straplines and providing a clear and accurate message. Just like those other marketers, we too will be using our magic touch to adapt your business ideas.

If you like this article and are thinking about international expansion, please contact us and let us Jump the Language Hurdle for You!

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Get Noticed With Mobile Apps Translation

Mobile apps are growing at a rapid rate and they now hold a role in the business world that is more important than ever before.

With a smartphone, you can simply install apps and some are even free apps to manage your business without even needing your keyboard. You can do your marketing, share files through dropbox and video conference all-in-one. Security is key and it is worth investing the right apps for mobile, like the 37 signals suites and dropbox.

More and more companies are developing their own free apps as a marketing gimmick to gain more public interest. To reach non-English speakers, you will need to consider something like iphone app translation to make your words travel fast.

With phone apps, it’s all about utility, user-friendliness, fun and even quirkiness to get people talking about it.

Think ahead and get you mobile apps translated – Click www.SanTranslate.com to chat with us directly.

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Chinese Feng Shui Myth

Did you know that we will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in this coming July? This happens only once every 823 years and is known as the Money Bag Year according to Chinese Feng Shui.


The orientation of our calendar can be intriguing; give this a try: if you take the last two digits of the year in which you were born and add the age you will be this year, you will get 11 or 111. The answer will be the same for absolutely everyone everywhere.

Say if you are 24, you will get 87+24 = 111

Give it a go yourself!

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