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The History of Western Literary Translation

In the West, the first literary translation that was considered significant was a collection of Jewish Scriptures, the Septuagint, that were translated into early Koine Greek between the 3rd and 1st centuries B.C. Interestingly, the Jews no longer had access to their ancestral language and needed the ancient scriptures translated into Greek.

During the Middle Ages, Latin was the dominate language in the scholastic world in the west. Translations were required to make the learned works more accessible, even within the scholastic circle.

The first notable translations into English were made by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. He completed several translations including a translation of Boethius from Latin.

Today, literary works and other documents are accessible to all through the use of professional translators. If you need a document translated, do not hesitate to contract SanTranslate. We provide language services in the world’s most popular languages as well as languages and dialects that are less common, including Latin!

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Hospital Introduces Remote Video Interpreting

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The Mountain View Hospital in Madras, Oregon, USA has introduced a new remote video interpreting system that patients can use during their stay at the hospital. The system gives the hospital staff and patients access to interpreters in more than 300 languages, including sign language. The link between the hospital and the interpreters is through a web video conferencing system and allows real-time communication between the parties involved.

It is very stressful for patients when they enter a hospital. Providing a system that allows patients to communicate in their native language is a big step forward in helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible during their stay.

The system in use at Mountain View Hospital is not only for doctors as Amber White, the financial advisor for the hospital, relates: “It’s not just for medical care. We use it daily to help patients understand their bills and what financial options are available to them.”

If you have a need for a unique interpreting service, ask SanTranslate.

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Planning Your Website Translation Project

If you are expanding your business, you are probably considering translating your website into another language. Good planning is critical when starting any website translation project.

It is important to pick which languages that you want to translate your website into. The languages you select will depend on your target market and customer. You should also set a budget, develop a project schedule and select a good translation provider.

A good translation provider will work with a professional translator who is an expert in the country and language you are targeting. They will understand the local culture and ensure that your original message is not lost. Finally, they will work with your web developers to make sure the symbols and colours used on your website are appropriate.

After you select the translation provider, you should also decide how you will communicate with them, including how you will send and receive files and project status reports. You should also decide how you will test and check the quality of the final work. A good translation provider will be able to help you with this.

If you need a quality website translation provider, ask SanTranslate.

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