Are you an overseas student who is coming to study in the UK and want your diploma to be translated into English? Did you get a good job offer abroad and you need to translate your employment history into the language of that country? SanTranslate’s translation team are the right people to ask for help!Our certified translations meet the stipulated requirements to submit translated documents (e.g. graduation certificates, foreign birth certificates etc.) to the UK Home Office, UK Border Agency, UK NARIC and major educational institutions.  However, if you plan to submit your translated documents to a foreign (non-UK) authority, please contact the relevant authorities (e.g. embassy) to find out their exact requirements before buying your certified translation.

You can upload PDFs, Word documents and JPG image files to us; it takes less than 5 minutes to place the order and 2-4 working days maximum to reach you by e-mail to check and sign off. After this, the document will arrive at your doorstep according to your delivery option. All our Certified Translations are professionally bound with an embossed stamp, credentials and a declaration to avoid fraud: they’re ready to submit immediately.

Dealing with bureaucracy is always a hassle, after 10 years of experience we know how to handle certifications and we will make sure that you will avoid all those useless inconveniences.