Google translation software announced last month that they will offer free machine translation via the European Patent Office website to help researchers examine if their work has been already patented in EU countries plus China, Japan and Korea.

The online translation is provided free of charge by Google but they will have access to human translated patents worldwide. Rainer Osterwalder, a spokesman for the patent office in Munich, states that the translation tool “does not replace a translation where it is required by the law and cannot be used for applying for a European patent.”

This will be a powerful tool for researchers and innovators. Our Chinese correspondent, Dr Liu Yong (BEng, PhD) who is an expert in airport security, has said “the cost to file for a patent starts from RMB3400 in Chinaand cost between £230-£280 in the UK. ” The worst nightmare for any researchers is to lose out on the potentially big markets in China and Russia.

It is good news for SanTranslate and our customers as this means that they can focus on getting their patents and the translation right knowing that they are less likely to be rejected.

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