British and American English are the two main varieties of the language that are most widely found in print and taught around the world.

People who speak British English and American English have no problem understanding each other, but there definitely differences between the two varieties. These differences are important when marketing products since the native speakers of each variety are more likely to purchase items that are marketed in their version of English.

The main differences between the two varieties are the use of different words for different things and differences in spelling. For example, Brits use autumn, boot, lift, flat and petrol; Americans use fall, trunk, elevator, apartment and gas to mean the same thing. An example of spelling differences is words that end in ‘-our’ in British English, end in ‘-or’ in American English – colour vs. color, labour vs. labor.

Although British and American English are the most common, there are other versions of English spoken in countries around the world, including Scotland, Ireland, South Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West Africa, the Caribbean and South Africa.

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