We have already talked about using translation apps whilst travelling or being lost in translation, for example in the Chinese language. An interesting development has however recently emerged in the mobile app world for the Japanese language: and is geared towards finding a decent place to eat on your travel.

DoCoMo, a Japanese mobile communications operator, has developed an app called “menu translation”, which, as the name suggests, translates menus from Japanese into English, Chinese (both Madarin and Cantonese) and Korean.

It’s a very useful tool to help tourists explore the wonders of Japan; they only need to use their smartphones to take a picture and the app will show the English translation. There’s even an option to get extra information via Wikipedia if the user wants to know more about a particular term. The app is unfortunately unavailable for the iPhone but has been published on the Android market.

Being lost in translation is not a nice feeling, especially if you are trying to conduct business. To play it safe, ask SanTranslate.