Below are five tips for successfully translating technical documents into English:

  1. Keep the meaning exactly the same as the source document. In marketing material, it is often necessary to finesse the translated document. This is not the case with technical documents.
  2. Good knowledge of the source language. This is true for all types of translation.
  3. Good command of the English language. In most cases, technical documents are difficult to understand when they are written in someone’s native language. Precision in the target language is critical if the document is going to be understood.
  4. Knowledge of the technical subject. Although it is not imperative that the person performing the translation be an expert in the subject, it is important that the translator has some knowledge of the subject.
  5. Common sense and judgement. Translating a technical document will require patience and attention to detail. If the translators use their knowledge and skill with some common sense applied, a quality translation can be produced.

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