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Did you know that Brazil is currently the UK’s most important trading partner in Latin America?  That might be why so many business owners are wanting to find out more.

If you’re based in the East Midlands, you’re in luck.  UKTI are holding a free half-day briefing seminar, Focus on Brazil, on 21st June 2010 at Yew Tree Lodge in Kegworth. As well as giving you the low-down on the issues involved in trading with Brazil, the event will also cover Olympic and World Cup opportunities and give you the chance to find out about UKTI East Midlands Market Visit to Brazil.

Language note: The national language of Brazil is Portuguese, being spoken by nearly 99.9% of the population.  There are no local dialects but you might like to be aware that the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese is similar to that between US English and that spoken in the UK and the written language follows national rules of spelling and accentuation.  Which means that, if you’re considering getting anything translated for your trading with Brazil, you should also consider the benefits of ensuring that the translation has also been localised.