The Guardian has recently published an article about a praiseworthy initiative,Give up Clothes for Good. Clothing retailer TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK are urging people to clear out their wardrobes and take any unwanted quality clothes to TK Maxx, between 1 and 30 April, to raise money for research into children’s cancer.

The clothes will be sold in Cancer Research UK's 550 UK branches, or recycled. Retailers and charity organisations underline that this initiative is a good way of making use of unwanted clothes. According to the Defra Sustainable Clothing Roadmap Progress Report 2011, UK consumers throw away 2m tonnes of clothing every year, of which 1m goes straight to landfill.

Cancer Research UK last year generated as much as £5m from this activity. Every day, 4 children in the UK are told they have cancer. In the 1960s, only 1 in 4 survived, but today, almost 3 children in 4 survive. This is a great improvement, but there’s still more work to do and every little helps.