Thirty years have passed since the Falklands War finished; it’s now time for reconciliation and to show that Britain and Argentina have more in common and are better friends than enemies.

This seems to be the message Tony Banks, Falklands veteran and entrepreneur, wants to launch with his initiative, recently featured in Wired. It’s calledPreviously Unheard/Hasta Ahora Desconocido and aims at pairing up British and Argentine children of people involved in the conflict to get them to talk using Google+ Hangout’s video conferencing tools.

This initiative draws inspiration from Banks’ personal experience concerning the conflict, which is quite touching. During the war, Banks had to take belongings from Argentine prisoners, and as a result he became the possessor of a regimental trumpet. In 2010, he found the original owner, the Argentine soldier Omar Rene Tabarez, and flew to Argentina to give the trumpet back to him in person. Both men felt very good about this meeting, which Mr. Banks relayed in his book about the conflict, Storming the Falklands.

Those interested in participating need to sign up via Tony Banks’ website. Appointments will be made taking the applicant’s age and the languages they speak into account. Participant conversations will be recorded and shared online.