GreenBulb is an innovative company that was created in 2004. Their mission is to turn ideas into marketable possibilities and change the technologies consumed in daily life. Its founder is Elton Leung, who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master of Computer Science from the City University of Hong Kong. The GreenBulb Team is passionate about clever designs, hi-tech & lo-tech gadgets, smart solutions and photography among many other things.

GreenBulb is now supporting an interesting project for a 3D printer called MakiBox, so that some of the prototypes can be made in house. This project is being advertised on Makible, a fund raising site specialising in manufacturing and distribution. Makible guarantees that successfully funded projects will be made in a sustainable and responsible manner, that supporters will receive their funded products according to the arranged deadlines or they will be refunded and that profit will be fairly shared with the makers.

The MakiBox A6 is able to print out something that is 1/4 the size of the printer itself, but it is still only the size of a sheet of paper. We have already blogged about Additive Manufacturing, and MakiBox is a step forward in its development. It can be a useful tool for makers, designers, students, engineers and anyone that wants to make things they can’t find in a store.