Visiting France? Walking along the Great Wall in Beijing?
The Gamma Project has just announced that they are dropping the price of My Travel Assistant 1.4. by 66%.

This is good news for global travellers because this versatile professional application for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod will work out expenses with automatic currency conversion, a 156-currency monetary exchange rate converter, a 36-language translator, a multi-function calculator and more.

The functionalities are intuitive and easy to use. The one-time set-up includes entering the user’s preferred language, home currency, and the frequency of the exchange rate updates. The designers have paid great attention to the need for quick-use and convenience, for example, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German appear in their respective places in the scrolling list that appears by touching “Your Language”, but the group of the five most common languages also appears at the head of the list. Similarly, the application defaults to US dollars, with the yen, the euro, the Swiss franc, the British pound sterling and the Canadian dollar leading an alphabetical list of 156 different currencies.

While you are away you can easily check on the stock exchange and rely on the app’s linguistic features to steer clear from being lost in translation in foreign countries.

When it comes to formal meetings or publicity material, however, it might be risky to rely too much only on software: to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings it is better to entrust the task to experts.

For business travellers with the need to translate business cards and marketing literature, ask SanTranslate. Our job is to make your travels easier.