We are coping with an economic crisis and every penny saved is valuable. The car is a daily companion for a lot of Brits – often indispensable but also quite pricy. Have you ever thought about any strategies to make the most of your petrol? The article How to make your petrol last longer from Yahoo News gives some tips to get more miles out of your tank.

  1. First of all, make sure that your vehicle is in a healthy state. For example, under-inflated tyres cause the car to use more fuel.
  2. Don’t carry unnecessary weight in the car, and get rid of the roof-rack if you don’t need it.
  3. Avoid the unnecessary use of the brakes, try to accelerate and decelerate more slowly. This will help you save money and will also make you a safer driver.
  4. If you’re just making a short journey, open a window instead of switching on the air conditioning. Use it on the motorway instead, where open windows increase the car’s drag.

According to the British motoring association Automobile Association (AA), a more efficient way of driving can produce an average 10 percent savings in petrol.