English is spoken by around 400 million people worldwide. According to an article by The Linguist, the official bi-monthly journal of the British Chartered Institute of Linguists, the demand for interpreters with English as their mother-tongue is increasing in the EU.

Throughout the English-speaking world there is in fact the general perception that learning a foreign language for an English-speaking native is a difficult way to acquire a qualification. At the same time it will not lead to employment, because everybody speaks English anyway. Finding a good English linguist is a difficult task because there are so few, but as professionals they are important: language interpreters are essential not only for bridging cultural differences, but also for increasing a company’s or country’s earnings.

In spring 2005 CILT, the National Centre for Languages, carried out a survey by sending via email, a questionnaire to all registered BLIS Professionals providers based in the UK. The key findings were that while the demand for language training is decreasing, there is a discernible increase in demand for translation services, especially in finance, IT and legal services.

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