Amharic Document Translation

Amharic is the official working language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and there are approximately 3 million emigrants that speak it outside of Ethiopia in countries such as Egypt, Israel and Sweden. We at SanTranslate are here to help you reach Amharic markets through the translation of all types of documents ranging from legal document translation service to website translation service.

Building Your Communication Bridge

Where you are targeting in Ethiopia, both from a geographical and social point of view, dictates the the version or variation of the Amharic language you need. We at SanTranslate will make sure you can appeal to your targets.

Export Your Business

At SanTranslate we are proud of our knowledge of the intricate cultural nuances of Ethiopia. Not only are you provided with a first rate translation service, you are also given the peace of mind that you are approaching your target market in the best possible way.


Your success is ours too and it is this principle that we have grown over the years. Take a look at our credentials – our hard-earned experience allows us to really help you with your translation needs at a competitive price.


With around 14 million native speakers Amharic is the second most popular Semitic language in the world, after Arabic. When dealing with such potential in a market, we make sure that our internationalization services such as website translation service and online management provide much more than just making your information readable in Amharic; we are experts in honing and enhancing your translation to optimise its success in Amharic search engines and social networking sites.

Interpretation Services at Home and Abroad

Here at SanTranslate, we build our services around you. We can arrange for our Amharic interpreter to work with you here in the UK or assist you while you are in Ethiopia. We always strive to give you the opportunity to establish business connections seamlessly.

Listening to Your Needs

In undertaking your Amharic translation project we will act in accordance with your target readers, bearing in mind factors like age, knowledge and education to help you find success in whatever sector you may target in Ethiopia.

Honest and Neutral

We are a UK-based translation company and we have an up-to-date commercial insight as well as an unbiased business standpoint. We provide nothing but the most honest pricing and refreshing objectivity.