Marriage may not necessarily change your lifestyle and habits but having children almost certainly will. Upon becoming a parent, you may start referring to your next 18 years, like many others, as your ‘big sleep’.

Before the noughties, it was more common for men to pursue careers and develop a working life and women to stay at home as housewives. However, with women utilising equally high educations and expertise, couples can nowadays struggle to decide who should give up their career.

Whoever chooses to stay at home, living through the big sleep can be a challenge. Although there is no sick pay, no sense of holiday time and an endless amount of chores, carers often want to keep themselves occupied outside of childcare so that they are not left behind in the working world. This is often hugely important as for many, the ability to work and do so productively is an essential part of one’s identity, which may go some way to explaining why many have started up home businesses. It may also be one of the reasons behind cloud computing’s growing popularity.

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