New year… new planning? 2012 has just started, and you probably have a lot of things to do and goals to achieve. Why not exploiting mobile organiser apps? Here you can find some ideas to help you stay organised.

Springpad – it gives your notebooks to save anything you want to remember. It syncs everything you save and enhances it with useful links and information. Any web browser, Free

Wunderlist- an elegant organiser that syncs your past, present and future to-dos across your phone, computer and tablet. You can manage your lists out of your email inbox and badge notifications about how many tasks are due today and how many are overdue. iOS, Android, PC , Mac, Linux, Free

Jolicloud – it is a cloud desktop that makes it easy to manage your Web apps, files and services all in one place. You can get started in seconds with Facebook Connect or signup for free access and preview your Dropbox files and browse and edit your Google Docs.

CamCard Lite- this app takes the data-rich device known as the business card and puts its contents into your phone’s address book via a quick cameraphone snap. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, From free

Password-Gear- using “160190” as a password to the hackers. PasswordGear generates super-secure password and help you remember what it is. iOS, £1.49