The Economist has recently published an interesting article about the impact of beautiful women including photos in their CVs. Studies have shown that at work attractive women are more likely to get a promotion than plain ones. Most people will think that they are also favoured in job interviews, but research by two Israelis apparently suggests the opposite.

Bradley Ruffle at Ben-Gurion University and Ze’ev Shtudiner at Ariel University Centre looked at what happens when a beautiful woman includes her photo with her CV, as usually happens in Europe and Asia. The two lecturers sent fictional applications to over 2,500 real-life vacancies. For each job, they sent two CVs, one with a photo, one without. The result was that attractive females were less likely to be offered an interview if they included a photo. The researchers found that when applying to a company, beautiful women needed to send out 11 CVs before getting an interview, whereas plain women just needed seven.

What’s the reason for this trend? The researchers found out that it lies in old-fashioned jealousy among females. Most HR staff are women, so they tend to discriminate against pretty candidates. Mr. Ruffle thinks that the practice of including a photo in a CV should be discouraged, like in the Belgian public sector, where CVs do not even include the candidate’s name.

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