If you’re a regular visitor to our web site, you’ll have noticed that SanTranslate has a new logo.  As well as being designed to appeal to our business and education clients, it has some hidden meanings.

You’ll notice that the “S” looks rather like a figure “8”, a number that is considered lucky by the Chinese.  Many people know that it is a Chinese symbol for prosperity (something we wish for all our clients) because the two words are pronounced similarly.

But it’s also lucky because of its perfectly symmetrical shape – cut in half either vertically or horizontally, both halves of the “8” mirror themselves.  The Chinese believe that perfect symmetry equates to perfect balance and, in Chinese Astrology, perfect balance is considered an ideal.

Reflecting the Western take on lucky numbers, we also think that the “T” of SanTranslate gives a nod to lucky “7”.

Our “S” is intended to represent the connection of two different parts of the world – something we help our clients to do every day.  The language services we provide are all about helping people to connect with each other.

We’ve also ensured that our logo has a sense of depth and different layers, conveying the depth of knowledge that we have in the different fields in which we work.

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