The city of Nottingham has a lot of services to offer - a strong legal sector, many creative industries and of course SanTranslate translation services. Good translation is the springboard for brilliant British business ideas to go global. Selling abroad is in fact the business plan of Mary Portas, a retail expert who is having great success with the feature of Kinky Knickers in Mary's Bottom Line, a TV show on Channel 4.

Mary Portas wants to bring manufacturing back to the UK and has created high-quality ladies' knickers which are 100 percent British. They are made of Nottingham stretch lace. Mary revived the family firm of Headen & Quarmby of Middleton and got Nottingham-based lace-maker Jim Stacey, the last Nottingham stretch lace manufacturer in the UK, involved in the project.

Mary's idea is making people proud of buying a British product, not only in the UK but also worldwide. This ambitious experiment involves giving a chance to the long-term unemployed to learn new skills, and since the factory's new £10 'Kinky Knickers' went on sale on 20 March, the firm has had to take on extra staff to cope with the demand. This seems a very good start!