Certified Translation to English [UK & EU Customers]

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Our Certified Translation is recognised and accepted by UK legislative bodies but not accepted by Non-UK authorities. Before placing your order, please contact the relevant authorities (such as the embassy) to find out the specific requirements for your application. To find out more about our Certified Translation service, please click here.
  • Address Accuracy
    Incorrectly entered addresses may delay your order. Please double-check for errors. Do not enter specific dispatch instructions in any of the address fields.
  • Subject to a maximum of 300 words or characters per page in the supplied document(s). Delivery time for first draft of translation: 1-5 pages: 2-3 working days, 6-10 pages: 3-5 working days, 11-15 pages: 5-7 working days. SanTranslate reserves the right to adjust the pricing for higher word or character count.
    Once you have placed the order, a draft translation will be sent to you in 2-4 working days by e-mail. Please check and sign off. After this, we will finalise and send you the final version based on your choice of Delivery Option.

    * If you wish to post your translated document abroad (outside of UK), please contact us to find out the cost and speed.
    * Collection service from our offices is currently unavailable.
  • Accepted file types: docx, doc, pdf, jpg, zip, rar.
    Formats allowed: docx, doc, pdf, jpg, zip, rar
    If you have more than one file, simply compressed them as zip or rar format.
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    Estimated E-copy Dispatch: 2-4 working days. This refers to the Certified Translation delivery by e-mail. You will receive a notification to check and sign off the document. As soon as you have signed off your E-Copy Dispatch, your order will be dispatched on the same working day. Tracking Number will be supplied to you depending on your delivery option. VAT (20%) included. An e-receipt will be sent to you by e-mail after final delivery of the order.