Businesses need to consider their branding strategy carefully when they enter any new market. It is important that customer research is completed and linguist professionals are consulted to make sure the product gets off to the right start in the new market.

If you are not convinced, listen to these stories of rebrands that did not go quite to plan:

  • Wyngle is an Austrialian-based retailer that is trying to enter the American market. The name, however, sounds too much like “wangle” which means “to persuade others to comply by manipulating events” to U.S. consumers.
  • Peugot, a French car maker, uses Biao zhi in Chinese, which unfortunately sounds similar to a slang term in southern China which means “prostitute.”
  • The SciFi Channel started to use a new spelling “Syfy.” However, it is a common slang term among younger generations for syphilis.

And two stories of successful rebrands:

  • Coca-Cola changed their name to Kekou Kele for the Chinese market, which means “tasty mouthful.”
  • Reebok uses Rui Bu in China, meaning “quick steps.”

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