Royal Mail has unveiled some stunning new 1st class stamps. They are a part of the UK landmarks A-Z series. The second part of the collection illustrates 14 famous British landmarks.

UK A – Z Part 2 was issued on 10 April and celebrates some of the UK’s most famous sights, ranging from the ancient through to the modern. Some examples are Narrow Water Castle in Northern Ireland and Urquhart castle in Scotland to the beautiful Portmeirion in Wales and the contemporary Snowdon Aviary in the London Zoo.

Geoff Braden, Regional Operations Director for Royal Mail, said: “Our two-part journey around the UK has proved a wonderful reminder of the fantastic number of landmarks, such as the Roman Baths, that we are fortunate to enjoy. The Roman Baths retain huge cultural and historical importance in the UK, as one of the country’s few World Heritage sites. Having stood at the centre of the City of Bath for nearly 2,000 years, the Roman Baths truly are a monument to the great heritage of this country.”

You can see the new stamps at Yahoo news.