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Nothing is more important to us than to provide you with the best possible  translation service.

Proudly, SanTranslate is featured on our fellow LSP’s website, as being the only Asian translator recommended on their website.

For this particular client, we serve them with our legal, technical and marketing translations for the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore markets. With an output of nearly 1 million words a year, we have also won a number of awards over the years that recognise our management for leading Chinese translators to deliver the highest quality of translations for worldwide clients.

“I was honoured to be featured on our fellow LSP’s website. I shall not wear this crown of glory alone as it would be mission impossible without the committed team work from our internal colleagues, translators, editors, proofreaders, etc…

Undoubtedly the translation industry is highly competitive, SanTranslate and AST are both committed to work together to combat this ever increasing challenges. To be frank, a recognition from a fellow provider demonstrates their faith in the reliability of our services and we are very thankful for their confidence in us.” Dr Yu-San Chan, Director of

Our Top Selling Translation Services

  • Business and Commerce: Financial Reports, Business Correspondence, Tendering, Feasibility Reports, Annual Reports, Memorandums, Brochures, Press Releases.
  • Legal: Agreements, Commercial Litigation, IPO Reports, Certificates, Arbitration Documents.
  • Web, Games and Software: Facebook Apps Translations, Game Translations, Games Testing, Website Localisation, Software Localisation.

Awards and Credentials

Ranked UK No. 1 Translation Company  

See some of our customers reviews

Highly Recommended Translation Company by UK Free Index.  We thank our customers for rating SanTranslate services as outstanding!

I ordered a marriage certificate translation from Chinese to English. Perfectly accurate, and very quick response. Most of all, it can be used for applying visa from Home Office.
Yi Li, Edinburgh
SanTranslate dealt with my wedding certificate translation fast and effectively, very good communicate and no problems at all!!A very pleased customer that would return again and definitley recommend to others.
K Boothby, Nottingham
I am very happy with the quality of their service. I have already used it three times for two different languages, and it was always quick, very professional; the quality of the translation was very good. I liked the fact that they first sent me a draft to view each time. In case of any problems, they react very quickly to solve it.
Agnieszka K., Exeter
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