Fast and accurate translation of official documents

SanTranslate, a leading provider of language translation services, specialises not only in the translation of marketing, legal and technical texts, but is also UK accredited in the translation of certificates. “We have been offering certified translation services to major universities and corporations for overseas students and staff,” said James Chan, Global Sales Director of SanTranslate. He continued, “Receiving accreditation confirms SanTranslate’s leading role in certified translation services.”

Getting official documents translated and certified by a recognised translation company is a MUST for anyone coming to study or work in the UK. Foreigners must get official documents translated to the UK Border Agency standard or their application may be rejected.

The required documents involved can include the following: cross border transactions, student diplomas, visa and immigration applications, business registration, the documents to open a bank account or job applications. Handling and translating these documents accurately is crucial for those who need to enter the UK smoothly. SanTranslate certification is recognised and accepted by UK legislative bodies, including the UK Border Agency, the Home Office, universities or academic institutions, police agencies, court offices and many others.

SanTranslate’s customer testimonials show the level of commitment the company has to providing quality translations at a competitive price, and with fast delivery. It takes as little as 2 working days to deliver the final documents via email to the client for checking and sign-off.

Once this customer sign-off is completed, the document is delivered based on delivery option selected by the client. SanTranslate always supports their clients’ applications with the Home Office in case of queries or if any amendments to the document are required.