SanTranslate’s software localisation and LQA services have attracted a large ongoing project from a major international developer in mobile gaming.

Despite the negative growth and in some cases, failure of the industries around it, the gaming industry is experiencing a boom in value that has made it rival the film industry in popularity in Britain. Interestingly, an area of the industry that has been particularly successful in this regard is mobile gaming, a relative newcomer to the world market. Why now though? Mobile gaming in of itself is no new phenomena but with the rise of advanced new platforms like IOS and Android, games on mobile devices have not only become more entertaining, they have taken on a social dimension.

In this regard, the behaviours of end users targeted by game developers mirror those of translation experts like SanTranslate; sharing, communicating and the uninhibited transmission of information by language barriers are key ideals that the best translation experts keep in mind at all times.

It is by staying true to this culture of excellent service as well as the desire to evolve with our changing surroundings that SanTranslate can proudly announce an important step forward marked by the acquisition of a large quality testing and localisation project with a major games developer in mobile and console gaming. This comes after the expansion of a dedicated new service in this area, created after the attendance of local UKTI and EMITA events by senior members of the company. Increased international presence and upward trending sales, particularly in Germany and the US have led SanTranslate to this significant milestone.

At the heart of SanTranslate’s service is a meticulous attention to I18N and L10N issues. Fundamental to any widely distributed software is that the product must be built in such a way so as to allow for localisation in multiple languages and dialects. This necessitates a flawless working knowledge of both design and coding in software. It is also paramount to be considerate of the end user environment; colour, typography and the use of wording are all important in transmitting the intended message and are particularly essential in creating the intended ‘in-game experience.’ Understandably, the cultural connotations of such things may vary drastically, meaning that anything less than an accurate and experienced service in L10N can result in an incomprehensible end product which could hugely damage the reputation of both the company and the product itself.

Also central to this service is the availability of the most up to date resources for our project managers to rely on during precision test phases for LQA and our ability to work with any file type allows us to adapt and accommodate technical development styles, preventing any unnecessary increases to our clients’ workloads.

This project forms the latest in a series of recent achievements for SanTranslate in expanding its presence whilst retaining quality at the core of its services. Additionally, it underscores the company’s ambitions and commitment to providing an essential service to an exciting young industry that is only predicted to grow.