When do you need a Certified Translation?

If you are coming to study, work or live in the UK, the UK Border Agency states that any foreign official documents must be translated by their qualified certified translation service provider, like SanTranslate.  The documents must be translated and certified to their standard or your application may be refused.

Trouble Free Translations

SanTranslate certified translation service is recognised and accepted by UK legislative bodies, including the UK border agency, the Home Office, Universities or academic institutions, police, courts... the list goes on. Using unprofessional services or translation providers that are not up to the standard will put your application at risk. You need a frustration free solution, use SanTranslate.

Worldwide E-Delivery

It takes just 2-4 working days to reach you by e-mail to check and sign off. After this, a final signed and certified PDF copy will be sent to your designated e-mail address.

Free Aftercare Translation Service

Any updates to your document are more than welcome! Just contact us with your reference number and we will follow it up for you.

Why Certified Translation?

Certified Translations require certificates for official use, such as for cross border transactions, student diplomas, visa and immigration applications, business registration, the opening of bank accounts or job applications. These are all situations of great importance and we take these projects especially seriously.

Translations on the go!

Our Certified Translations are certified with credentials and a declaration to avoid fraud. They’re ready to submit immediately.