Monolingual VS Bilingual

At SanTranslate, you can choose from two different styles of proofreading.


If you need to edit and enhance a document in one language, then our Monolingual Editing and Proofreading Service is for you.


When you want your translated documents to stay accurate, clear and fluent, our Bilingual Editing and Proofreading Service is something you can rely on.

You may find it necessary to call for further linguistic enhancements to your monolingual documents or an added layer of quality checking and editing for your bilingual translations.


Polish Your Documents

Corporate Users:

Our editing and proofreading service is crucial to both established businesses and start-ups to free up workloads. You focus on performance, while we take care of your communication needs, such as marketing, websites, blogs, etc.

Writers, students, authors and bloggers:

A fresh pair of eyes can be essential in picking up spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

The circumstances are never ending, but SanTranslate’s expert copywriters and professional editors will allow you to have complete faith in your mono and bilingual documents.


The Logistics

During monolingual projects, our professional editors read over the texts, providing all necessary linguistic corrections and making detailed notes and recommendations. This method also features in our Bilingual Editing and Proofreading service.  Our translation team will check on the accuracy of the translation and then do a final polish.

The text is scrutinised side by side with the source document to ensure that all of the content is present and above all else, that it is linguistically flawless.


Benefits of Proofreading

Proofreading eliminates a wide variety of errors and mistakes from your product.  This safeguards your corporate image and reputation. An excellent proofreading service is much more than just a spell check and at SanTranslate, we pride ourselves in our ability to cater for your stylistic needs.

When it comes to nuanced marketing, essay writing and extended literature, a highly experienced and professional service that adheres to the subtleties of your project is a must.