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Chinese Translation

China is one of the fastest growing economies that businesses cannot resist to trade with. To succeed, businesses need to be alert, act fast and be cautious, especially with legal dealings. Translate your legal documents into Simplified Chinese (for mainland China, Malaysia or Singapore) or Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan) to meet your specific needs. Read more...

Korean Translation

In Korea, even though English is the common business language for trading, the reality is that communicating in English is very challenging and most local businesses prefer to communicate in Korean. Getting your legal documents translated into Korean will avoid misunderstandings. Read more...

French Translation

The use of French is mandatory for all product information sold in France including warranties, manuals, bills and receipts. It is also good practice to translate any legal contracts into French.  Read more...

Indonesian Translation

When working in emerging markets, such as Indonesia, it is crucial to translate your legal documents and have all clauses listed in your agreements. 

Your Buying Guide

SanTranslate specialises in contracts and agreements, intellectual property documents, litigation, petitions, terms and conditions and criminal case witness statements.  As part of our service commitment to the translation industry, please read the following guide to help you make your buying decision:

  • It is best if you know the number of words in your document(s).  Translation companies, like SanTranslate, will then be able to give you an accurate quotation and delivery time with this information. 
  • Have an idea of your timeline.  It is always easier for us to check whether we can meet your deadline.  If you have no set timeline, we will suggest a delivery date and time based on our availability, as well as on the technical content and word count of your document(s).
  • If you need various services, feel free to ask for the best package deal available (for example, purchase of interpretation, transcription and translation services).
  • For legal translations, the emphasis should be on the accuracy and clarity.  At SanTranslate, we take the time to comprehend the original text to make sure our translation is clear and precise.
  • It’s important to only use a trusted and qualified translation service provider, like SanTranslate, where all documents and projects are handled in strict confidence as part of the ISO 9001 Quality Process. 
  • Testimonials and reviews are good guides too – when looking for someone to carry out your work, appoint a translation company that you can find prior customer information about.

Our Commitments

  • Don’t worry about formatting – at SanTranslate, we understand that it can be difficult to provide your legal documents in a digitally editable format, such as Word.  You can simply send us a scanned PDF copy and we will work out the cost and delivery time for you.
  • If you can provide the original document in MS format, we will duplicate the exact layout.  You will not need to revise the layout afterwards.
  • If you are worried about non-Latin characters, like Russian, Chinese, Arabic or Kurdish, we can deliver an additional PDF copy to you for reassurance.
  • If you can only provide a scanned copy to us, don’t worry – we will try our utmost to duplicate the exact layout, as a free of charge service which is part of our commitment in providing you with the best translation service.
  • We work on an urgent basis and on weekends for legal translations, normally without charging extra.
  • Free certification can be provided for projects with 5000 original words or more.

Legal document translation services

We understand that proceedings are swift at hearings and that deadlines are therefore tight. When you choose SanTranslate to handle translations for you, we will see the case through with you until it is concluded. Allow yourself to focus on the matter at hand and leave us to concentrate on getting the translations ready for you.

Legal Interpreting Service

From prison visits to court hearings, we ONLY appoint suitable interpreters for your reassurance. We always locate our nearest interpreter with the most relevant experience to your case. If necessary we will also make distinctions based on factors such as gender should the sensitivity of the case dictate the need to do so.

Audio transcription service

There are times where audio recording is unavoidable. All you need is to send us the tapes, and we will do the rest. We provide many services from transcribing to providing a full bilingual written version; you can rest assured that when dealing with SanTranslate your options are widened.

Certified translation

Our translation certificate meets the requirements stipulated by the UK Home Office and NARIC. Our latest online order facility allows you place order at anytime and anywhere.

Your Reputation is Our Reputation

Safeguarding your reputation is everything to us. We approach every project with excellent credentials, experience and most importantly integrity.


We take very seriously our duty of care to protect and treat all supplied information as strictly confidential.


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