Your Buying Guide

SanTranslate specialises in building plans and drawings, floor plans, bidding documents, newly launched promotional material, etc. As part of our service commitment to the translation industry, please read the following guide to help you make your buying decision:

  • To get an accurate quotation, it’s best to send us the files, images and drawings so that we can work out the exact amount of words that require translations (include the words in the drawings, charts and images).
  • Have an idea of your timeline. It’s often quite difficult to have all the finalised documents ready at the same time. Simply let us know the number of files and approximate volume so that we can propose a delivery schedule for you.
  • For architecture and construction translations, the emphasis is on the accuracy and industry know-how. At SanTranslate, our designated teams are specialised in translation for the architecture, construction and property industry.
  • Always use a trusted translation service provider, like us at SanTranslate, where all documents and projects are treated in strict confidence as part of the ISO 9001 Quality Process.
  • Testimonials and reviews are important – appoint a translation company to carry out your work that you feel most comfortable collaborating with.

Our Commitments

  • Don’t worry about the images, drawings and charts – Our consultants will advise you about the best way to provide a clear translation to avoid any difficulties in understanding those types of files.
  • Speed can be an important element, especially when you need to submit the documents for the clients’ approval or tender. At SanTranslate, we are flexible and often work through weekends, normally without extra charges.
  • If you are worried about non-Latin characters, like Russian, Chinese, Arabic or Kurdish, we can deliver an additional PDF copy to you for reassurance.
  • Free certification can be provided for projects with 5000 original words or more.

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