Our Voice Over Service

Quality and versatile voiceover service in studio-recorded format. Choose from our wide range of dialects and tones.


The Versatility of Voiceovers

Having voice accompaniments can be hugely beneficial to your target audience as it shows that your brand has truly invested and focused in their language and culture.

Voiceovers have a myriad of uses (from websites and podcasts to promotional material and tutorials) and the demand for quality, reliable voiceover services is on the rise due to the popularity of mobile apps and games in today’s culture.


Choose SanTranslate

We pride ourselves in providing a thorough, friendly and quality service: as your partner in translation we believe that nothing is more important than your satisfaction.

Our hard-earned experience working with top brands like DHL, Bombardier and Rolls Royce (to name a few) means that we have the knowledge and expertise with global brands to ensure that your project will be in safe hands.