To Localise?

When you are targeting two countries that speak the same language but each carries their own culture, slang and trends, it’s time to use localisation. The localisation level can vary from subtle terminology changes, to restructuring the whole sentence to cater to different grammatical styles; it's an important step to adapt the cultural differences to capture your audience.

You need to consider localisation when translating into:

  • Arabic - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya
  • Chinese - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia
  • French - France and Canada
  • German - Germany, Belgium and Switzerland
  • English - UK, USA, Australia, Canada
  • Portuguese - Portugal and Brazil
  • Spanish - Spain and Mexico

Localisation of your translated files is crucial to making your marketing precise, clear and fluent.


Our Localisation Service

First we do an initial QC of the translated files.

Next - our local editor who specialises in the target language as well as marketing will polish your documents to meet local needs.

After the translations are toned and edited, we will perform a final QC before delivering the files to you.


The Importance of Localisation

To globalise your brand successfully, a polished tone is essential. Don’t underestimate the power of localisation as skipping this stage may save a little budget, but it will be less effective in capturing the local audience.

Our quality localisation service uses the most suitable writing tone and the most subtle cultural nuances to enhance your message in a different language and promote your brand globally.


Past & Present Localisation Projects

  • Localisation and game testing of Assassin's Creed® Revelations into 3 languages
  • Localisation of Angry Birds into Chinese
  • Localisation of Asphalt Revelations into 6 languages
  • Localisation and game testing for Littlest Pet Shop into Far East languages
  • Translation and localisation of games manual for Games Workshop