Managing your online presence

Online tools require a clear management scheme so that they are successful. SanTranslate offers a comprehensive, in-depth management service to help you boost your web traffic.

In addition to localizing your website, you can also select a service that’s relevant to your site, including the following:

  • Keyword Localization
  • Meta Tag Translation
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Regular Newsletter Translations
  • External Profile Maintenance

SanTranslate can help you with your global marketing needs since we have the capability to subtitle your media files and localize your website.


Many uses, many occasions

The benefits of having a streamlined, efficient, and optimized online presence should not be underestimated. An underperforming website could be limiting your business’s global commercial performance. Alternatively, if you are experiencing growth, but do not yet have a global presence, this could be the perfect time to expand into the international arena.

From news broadcasts to celebrity profiles to high caliber corporate sales, SanTranslate will render your message open and effective. We know it is important for you to reach a larger audience and customer base.



Our online management service always features a considered approach and a tailored solution for your needs.

We build our service around you, the client and your intended target regions, your customer base, and more. The direction of your company, your internal process, and your budget are all important to us which enables us to provide you with an excellent service.


Importance of online vigilance

Sales success often pivots around establishing a strong online presence. Direct contact with customers and clients, at a minimal cost, can only be achieved if the website is effectively set up and maintained. Likewise, an outstanding website will not be as successful as it should be and will instead be a waste of money and effort if it is has poor traffic.

Launching a well-structured site as soon as possible is important so that it can achieve a higher ranking - sooner, rather than later.