Our service

We provide two styles of transcription: Audio Transcribing and Multilingual Typing Services.


When do you need it?

SanTranslate’s Transcription Services are tailored to your needs and cover different circumstances involving police interviews, job interviews, company disciplinary interviews, court hearings and marine or pilot accidents (involving black box recovery).

Whatever the situation may be, you will always receive an accurate and high quality service.


The logistics

For our audio transcribing service, you can send the audio to us in the following ways:

  • post the audio tapes to us directly, or
  • you can upload the media file (mp3, mp4, wav) to us via our dedicated server

For our typing services

  • You can send the hard copy to us by post – See contact us, or
  • Upload your files from here

First simply send us the tapes for transcription (in your choice of mono or bilingual), or upload the files from our server. We will then work on the transcript in whichever language you need. Once this is complete, our editing and proofreading teams will quality check your work.

The final stage is complete when the file is sent to you for your approval, at which point you will also have the option to use our translation services if required.


Choose SanTranslate

If you require documents for legal use, we will provide a free certification service for official use.

With all translation services, experience and skill are paramount. SanTranslate has over 10 years of hard earned experience in providing dedicated, quality translation and transcription services.

Our work philosophy has always revolved around providing a fast turn-around for the benefit of our clients, whilst at the same time ensuring quality throughout by being meticulous in our work.