Popular Languages

Chinese Translation

By having your digital content translated into Chinese, you will automatically reach out to billions of users online.  Our deep knowledge of creating translations with the right tone will boost your brand so that you stay in a leading position in this highly competitive market. Read more...

Japanese Translation

The majority of people living in Japan would only browse digital content written in Japanese (Top 4 language used online).  Having your content translated into Japanese will optimise your success in reaching the Japanese audience, especially through search engines and social networking sites. Read more...

Korean Translation

As South Korea has a heavy reliance on imports, opportunities are there for foreign companies to branch out by having their digital content translated to reach out to the Korean market.  Read more...

Arabic Translation

The Arabic speaking community captures a high margin of the online population. Our website translation service offers more than translating your digital content into Arabic; we are experts in honing your content to create SEO success in the Arab world.  Read more...

Add-On Services

CMS Entry

Suitable for all! From SMEs, bloggers, agencies or client's own IT teams who prefer us to enter the translated content to ensure the right text goes to the right place, our CMS entry service will help you save time and money.




Desktop Publishing and Graphics Editing

For sites with banners, flash or images with text that requires translation or sites including brochures or leaflets for PDF downloads, our desktop publishing services offer expert level care and attention to detail. Read more...

Online Management

Digital content needs regular updates to maintain their online ranking.  Our service ranges from translating keywords regularly to daily social feeds. Read more...


Testing is highly recommended for the smooth launch of your digital content; especially for non-Latin based character sets (Chinese, Thai, etc)

Voiceovers, Subtitling or Both?

You may have digital content that includes YouTube clips.  Subtitling or Voiceovers are both options worth considering.  Read more...


Increase SEO

Having your website translated will help you reach the non-English speaking customers. This is important if your competitors are already translating their websites. Additionally, the number of non-English users is now more than 70% of the online population. This is an opportunity not to be missed!


Breakdown Language Barriers

If you are branding or selling online, you need to attract potential customers fast. Buyers are more likely to stay on your site and commit to buy if the content is written in a language that they are familiar with.

Higher Traffic

Most major search engines now run non-English versions and will pick up the translated content from your site. This will boost more traffic to your site, especially if you coordinate with other advertising channels. Higher traffic also leads to a higher conversion rate.

Building Credentials

A professionally translated website will not only boost your traffic, breakdown communication barriers and increase your conversion rate, but it will also improve your corporate image. Customers will tend to bookmark and re-visit your site in the future.

We work in any format and have a fast turnaround time, so that you can launch your website as quickly as possible. As you can see, our Website Translation service is purposefully designed around you.

It can be challenging when you are trying to launch a website in one or multiple foreign languages. With our website translation service, our dedicated and knowledgeable translation team will support you in this task. Our comprehensive service includes website translations, management, and testing.  With SanTranslate’s help, your launched website will run smoothly and will be linguistically accurate.

Translation and the digital age

- staying in tune

The global commercial world is full of potential; therefore, you need an efficient, customized website translation service to tap into it.

On-line business not only allows you to reach your end-users in a timely and cost efficient way, it also leaves you with endless options for expansion through blogging, social networking, or smartphone accessibility. The choices are vast, and it’s important to steer your business in the right direction. Stay ahead of the competition with our add-on services.


Your project will be organized into a phase by phase process by which we translate and tune your content.

The file handling and timing of the project will be expertly monitored, and we will work closely with your web development team to ensure that there are no unwanted issues before the launch.

Finally, you can select a series of robust checks and testing to ensure your website runs smoothly.

Choose SanTranslate

Today, first contact with customers and clients is often made through a website. You need a focused, targeted, and well written website to attract customers and to keep the ones you have using yours.

A well translated message is stylized according to your target audience. An awareness of the cultural and linguistic norms of your target language is essential; your message must allow effective communication and welcome your users.

SanTranslate will go the extra mile to provide you with a service that best fits your business needs.