It’s all go at the Shanghai Expo!

There’s no doubt that the Shanghai Expo has proved every bit as popular as expected with crowds queueing round the block and then some!

One visitor has captured some images of the keen crowds and notes their experience.  Unfortunately, this individual doesn’t seem to have really appreciated the queueing experience, as this quick translation shows:

“We arrived at the KFC inside the Expo.  They only allowed you to order fries and drinks alone.  All other food must be order as a set meal.  There were 5 set meals to choose from, ranging from RMB29 to RMB99.  Many tourists moaned as it was almost a compulsory spending in there.

I entered the British Pavilion.  Staff there had said they were concerned about the safety of the crowded situation.  They asked us to walk to the exit and said that they may close it.

We saw as we enter that it was 10:55, the queue was in chaos and some tourists have climbed the gate and others followed.  It was later settled by the staff.

I was queuing at A10 pre-booking district.  The tickets had already been issued.  Many tourists did not get the ticket.  A tourist claimed that he left home at 6am and was still unable to get hold the ticket.  Besides, many pavilions were un-open so there was not much to see.  It was a disappointment.

<…plenty more about queuing>

I don’t feel like I was visiting the expo, I was just ther e to queue.  Tourists signed and said that the African Pavilion was the best.  There was no queue and we can hide from the rain.”

If queueing isn’t your thing either, you can browse the many pavilions at the Shanghai Expo from the comfort of you own chair.

The Shanghai Expo is running until October 2010 and many businesses and organisations will be taking advantage of the opportunity to build links with China.  Communicating in Chinese is the best way to make a good impression; even getting some simple literature translated shows your good intentions.

So why not talk to SanTranslate about getting equipped to make the most of your experience at the Shanghai Expo?  We are experienced inChinese translation, as well as in advising on the cultural nuances you need to be aware of when communicating, from the use of local terminology to interpreting your brand in ways that are effective when different rules of presentation and colour apply.  If you want to make the best professional impression on your trip to Shanghai, please get in touch.

The Expo observed three minutes of silence yesterday to pay tribute to the victims of the Yushu Earthquake and to raise funds to support them.  We would like to add our condolences to the families and friends of those affected.

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NTU Updates

SanTranslate has always carried out a lot of work with the education sector and has a long-established working relationship with Nottingham Trent University providing translation services.

We’re currently working on their International brochure and so far have translated it into Arabic for the Libyan and Saudi markets and into Chinese for the Taiwanese market.  The University continues to be keen to promote itself to overseas students and we’re happy to work as their translation partner to help achieve their success.


Nottingham Trent University has been investing in its facilities.  The Newton Arkwright building is a major part of the University’s estates regeneration strategy.

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Quick turnaround on translating tenders

A recent new client put SanTranslate under some pressure to perform.  Having found us on Google, they contacted us about translating a tender for a contract in China.  As is often the case with these things, the deadline was a tight one – very tight indeed.

We received the file late on a Friday evening and the client needed the translation for Monday morning.  Because we have great relationships with out Chinese translators, we were able to carry the work out over the weekend and meet the client’s urgent deadline.  We wish them good luck with their tender.

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