Translation for tendering in China

A little while ago we translated a Chinese tender document into English for a construction sector client.  It’s a major project so it’s important that all parties are of the same understanding.  As always with major tenders of this sort, there is a lot of ongoing correspondence as contracts are negotiated.  As communications continue and legalities come into the picture, accurate legal translation is essential to ensure that both client and contractor understand each other clearly and that both are protected.

The tendering and contracting process can be fraught with difficulties at the best of times and with differences in language, culture and legal systems can become very complex.  Whilst good quality legal translation may look like an additional cost to bear in a process that can cost around £5,000-£10,000, the costs of errors arising from misunderstandings can be much greater so it’s worth factoring in the support of a translation company that will assist the smooth running of your negotiations.

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Ferrari in China – we’re providing translation for motorsport fans

Ferrari have launched themselves in China and are enabling Chinese fans of motorsport to get their Ferrari news firsthand, thanks to some translation support from SanTranslate.

We translate live TV commentary from English into Simplified Chinese and this is posted immediately onto the official Ferrari web site, ensuring that Chinese fans can get almost immediate access to motor racing commentary without having to wait for second-hand reports on other TV channels.

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The Web – translation issues around the world!

When you’re doing business overseas, it’s important to remember that not every country has the same web habits as yours.  In the UK, for example, Google predominates as the search engine of choice and it’s easy to assume that the rest of the world does too.  But do our habits translate to other countries?  Not necessarily.

Did you know that in Hong Kong, Yahoo is the preferred web portal?  71% of Hong Kong web users use Yahoo! HK as their default browser homepage.  And Yahoo! And Yahoo! HK combined reach 57% of the population, far out-stripping Google’s 22% (Google and Google HK combined).  In fact, Yahoo! HK gets 54,000 page views every minute.

When you’re planning your international web strategy, these are the kinds of things it’s well worth bearing in mind, especially if you’re planning to use web advertising as part of that strategy – you need to know which web sites your customers are using.

SanTranslate can help you with all your translation and web site localisation needs and can give you guidance on where you money might be best spent.

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