Confused by Esan and Lingala? We can interpret for you

SanTranslate is currently providing interpreting services for these two languages that are not well known in the UK.

The Esan language belongs to the Esan people, one of the major ethnic groups in Edo state, southern Nigeria.  The language is a tonal one, like many of its neighbouring languages and, in this respect, is similar to Chinese.  A tonal language is one where the different tonal inflections of a spoken word determine its different meanings.

Lingala is another African language, spoken by over 10 million people in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a large part of the Republic of the Congo and some areas of Angola and the Central African Republic.  The language has influences from French, Portuguese, English and Dutch.

It’s been interesting to work with interpreters in these languages and pleasing to be able to meet the unusual needs of our client.

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Interpretation for business trips, trade visits and delegations

Overseas companies arranging visits to their UK subsidiaries and associates can get so much more out of the visit if they can be certain that everyone will understand what everyone else is saying – so reliable interpreting services are a must.

SanTranslate will shortly be helping out an Italian packaging machinery company on a visit to their Nottingham branch with interpretation services over their two-week visit.  For business meetings and discussions, the right interpreter can make all the difference between a visit that runs smoothly and one that has more than its fair share of frustrations.

Our new strategic alliance means that we can now source more face-to-face  interpreters than ever throughout the UK.

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SanTranslate can now meet even more of your interpretation needs

Because of increasing demand for interpretation services, SanTranslate has been working hard to find the best way to improve our ability to find the right interpreter for any assignment.  We’ve forged a strategic alliance that enables us to find face-to-face interpreters throughout the UK.

The great benefit of this for our clients is that it reduces the amount of travelling time required – and hence reduces the costs.  We’re even able to reduce our minimum charge for interpretation to just one hour in many instances.  Another way in which we’re happy to provide the best value possible for our clients.

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