SanTranslate achieve ISO9001 – a seal of approval for our translation processes

ISO9001 logoAt SanTranslate we are dedicated to finding ways to improve our customer service.  This means that, not only do we have procedures in place to communicate clearly at all stages of a translation or interpretation project, our back room processes are also geared towards ensuring that the service our clients’ experience is second to none.  We’re thrilled to be one of the very few Nottingham based translation companies to have achieved this standard.

We also benchmark ourselves against other translation and interpretation providers so that we can learn from what they do right – and sometimes from what they do wrong.

It’s important to us – and to our clients – that the service we provide is not just good but that it is consistently good.  We want our clients to know that we’ll look after them every step of the way throughout a translation project, time and time again.  Which is why we’re delighted to say that the effort we’ve put into developing customer-focused systems has resulted in SanTranslate being awarded ISO9001 certification.  This process can take a long time to go through so we were thrilled to achieve the accreditation in just one month.

ISO9001 is a standard that is a quality management standard achieved by just 5% of UK businesses and we’re proud to have achieved our certification at our first application.  ISO9001 accreditation does not assess how customer-friendly our process are – it’s our job to care about that and to take client feedback on board – but it does thoroughly test that we stick to our procedures consistently, and that’s what’s important to us and to you.

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Interpreting services in Italian

SanTranslate has just won an ongoing project to provide interpretation for an Italian company through their agent in Berkshire.  They were looking for a cost effective source of Italian interpretation and we were happy to oblige.

Although SanTranslate is based in Nottingham we can provide interpreters throughout the UK, usually based very locally to the client, and this means that we very rarely need to charge for travelling time.  So if you need an interpreter for an hour, that’s all you pay for – no extra costs to cover their travelling a couple of hours on top.

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Interpretation for business trips, trade visits and delegations

Overseas companies arranging visits to their UK subsidiaries and associates can get so much more out of the visit if they can be certain that everyone will understand what everyone else is saying – so reliable interpreting services are a must.

SanTranslate will shortly be helping out an Italian packaging machinery company on a visit to their Nottingham branch with interpretation services over their two-week visit.  For business meetings and discussions, the right interpreter can make all the difference between a visit that runs smoothly and one that has more than its fair share of frustrations.

Our new strategic alliance means that we can now source more face-to-face  interpreters than ever throughout the UK.

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