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Thanks to a recent large project for a client in Angola, SanTranslate has been expanding its team of Portuguese translators.  We now have the capacity to handle around 100,000 words per week in the language.

In the 15th and 16th Centuries, Portugal established a significant empire around the world, making Portuguese today the world’s 7th most spoken language, used as an official or commonly used language in countries including Brazil, Goa in India, Macau in China, Timor, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea- Bissau, Sao Tomé and Príncipe and Mozambique.  It is one of the fastest growing European languages.

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Associate Partner of SDL Trados

SanTranslate is now an Associate Partner of SDL Trados, allowing us to use the most modern language technology available today to provide translation services for our clients.

Using this software enables us to offer tailored management of recurring phrases and statements that can often make up a significant proportion of a translation project.  This in turn means that we can offer an even more thorough service.  The use of translation memory, a linguistic database that grows and “learns” from a translator means you can see these benefits:

  • Consistent use of translated phrases and terminology throughout any translation project;
  • Speedier completion of a project because complex of unfamiliar phrases can be drawn from the database;
  • More reliable localisation through the consistent use of translated terms;
  • Reduced costs of translation projects over time as the translation memory can be used for different translation assignments over time.

The software also allows us to manage translations of your industry jargon or specific terminology and even company tag lines – a benefit in any instance where consistency is essential and may even offer you a means of differentiating yourself competitively.

At SanTranslate we have always prided ourselves on out attention to detail and accuracy and we’re confident that our new Associate Partnership with SDL Trados will help us improve our standards event further.  If you’d like to know how your translation needs can be met to these standards, please contact SanTranslate today.

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