Romanian Translation

An interesting recent trend has been an increase in enquiries for translation from and into Romanian.  Romanian is the official language of Romania, Ukraine and of Moldova where, for political reasons, it is known as Moldovan.  It is also, we were surprised to read, spoken by 5% of the population of Israel.  It is spoken by about 24 million people.

While there are differences in dialect in spoken Romanian, the written language is standard throughout the areas it is spoken.

We’re happy to say that SanTranslate is able to provide translation into and from Romanian for any business who needs to communicate with these countries.

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East Midlands in China: Powering Ahead

The East Midlands-China Business Bureau is inviting East Midlands companies and education institutions a one day event to gain insight into the business opportunities in China for 2010.

Withspecialist information on Shanghai World Expo 2010, China’s Fiscal Stimulus programme, the East Midlands Market Visit to China in October 2010 it’s an event not to be missed if trade – or are thinking of trading – with China.

The afternoon will include break-out sessions on protecting your IP; setting up in China; market research and choosing the right partner; and communicate effectively with your Chinese partner.

Date:   25th June

Time:  09:00 – 15:00

Venue:  Holywell Park, Loughborough University

Price:  Free for East Midlands business and organisations

For more information about the event, call   0115 947 1766 .

And for more information about all your Chinese translation needs, contact SanTranslate.

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Translation for tendering in China

A little while ago we translated a Chinese tender document into English for a construction sector client.  It’s a major project so it’s important that all parties are of the same understanding.  As always with major tenders of this sort, there is a lot of ongoing correspondence as contracts are negotiated.  As communications continue and legalities come into the picture, accurate legal translation is essential to ensure that both client and contractor understand each other clearly and that both are protected.

The tendering and contracting process can be fraught with difficulties at the best of times and with differences in language, culture and legal systems can become very complex.  Whilst good quality legal translation may look like an additional cost to bear in a process that can cost around £5,000-£10,000, the costs of errors arising from misunderstandings can be much greater so it’s worth factoring in the support of a translation company that will assist the smooth running of your negotiations.

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