Into Chinese Translation – which type of Chinese should you choose?

Many clients who are new to communicating in the Chinese language are surprised to find that there are two types of written Chinese. What is the difference and which will you need when you need Chinese translation?

In Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, Traditional Chinese is used, and this form of the language uses a more complex character set.

Simplified Chinese is used in the People’s Republic of China, having been introduced in the 1950s to stimulate greater levels of literacy. As the name suggests, the written form of the languages uses more simple versions of the characters with fewer strokes.

Simplified Chinese is also used in Singapore and Malaysia where it is taught in schools. In these countries there may be some local differences due to early immigrants from China primarily speaking in Hakka, Hokkien & Min (Teochew) dialects. Many Malay-Chinese also read some Traditional Chinese, being familiar with the language from the Hong Kong Television Broadcast Channel.

SanTranslate will always make sure that we translate into the correct form of Chinese, checking your needs thoroughly, before we start work. Contact us to find out more.

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Chinese to English Certified Translation

We’ve seen a recent flurry of enquiries for certificate translation from Chinese into English – because more Chinese professionals are migrating to the Nordic region to work.  The translated certificate is required for their visa application.

SanTranslate can, of course, translate certificates into any language and our comprehensive certificate translation package includes a Company Declaration, a duplicate of your source copy and our translation to confirm that the translated text is a true and accurate copy of the document submitted to us.

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Romanian Translation

An interesting recent trend has been an increase in enquiries for translation from and into Romanian.  Romanian is the official language of Romania, Ukraine and of Moldova where, for political reasons, it is known as Moldovan.  It is also, we were surprised to read, spoken by 5% of the population of Israel.  It is spoken by about 24 million people.

While there are differences in dialect in spoken Romanian, the written language is standard throughout the areas it is spoken.

We’re happy to say that SanTranslate is able to provide translation into and from Romanian for any business who needs to communicate with these countries.

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