London Translation Services

Our translation services have expanded from Nottingham HQ to the London Mayfair.

Clients will, of course, receive the same high standard of translation services.  This expansion means we can work even more closely with our London clients.

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Improving Your International Web Marketing

EMITA, the East Midlands International Trade Association, is running a workshop on Thursday 8th July giving businesses 25 tips to improve their international web marketing.  Web marketing expert, Susan Hallam, will be sharing ways of using search engines, social media and advertising to increase the number of visitors to your web site and improve the conversion of visits to sales.

Undoubtedly, this will all be valuable information to help you trade internationally via the web, something we’re quite big fans of ourselves.  But don’t forget one crucial thing – not everyone uses English.  If you’re getting serious about trading globally you might want to consider having your website translated into your target language(s).

If you’re planning on getting your web site translated into another language, it’s worth talking to us at SanTranslate – because we could be able to make the process much more streamlined than other translators.

This is because we have in-house web site expertise that means we are able to translate directly into CRM systems such as Kentico, Drupal and WordPress, rather than send our clients translated copy in Word which they then have to have input into the site themselves.  This takes a whole stage out of the process of developing a translated web site, meaning your international web strategy gets up and running much more quickly.

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The Web – translation issues around the world!

When you’re doing business overseas, it’s important to remember that not every country has the same web habits as yours.  In the UK, for example, Google predominates as the search engine of choice and it’s easy to assume that the rest of the world does too.  But do our habits translate to other countries?  Not necessarily.

Did you know that in Hong Kong, Yahoo is the preferred web portal?  71% of Hong Kong web users use Yahoo! HK as their default browser homepage.  And Yahoo! And Yahoo! HK combined reach 57% of the population, far out-stripping Google’s 22% (Google and Google HK combined).  In fact, Yahoo! HK gets 54,000 page views every minute.

When you’re planning your international web strategy, these are the kinds of things it’s well worth bearing in mind, especially if you’re planning to use web advertising as part of that strategy – you need to know which web sites your customers are using.

SanTranslate can help you with all your translation and web site localisation needs and can give you guidance on where you money might be best spent.

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