Can you picture how important the right words can be at the right time? In such a moment, your life can change; you could seal the deal of your life, the job of your life or meet the partner of your life… and it all just comes from words!

On the other hand…

Using the wrong words can be to the detriment of your life; the wrong words can end your business endeavours, your job, your marriage and your friendships.

And we all know that from time to time, we may slip by using the wrong words rather than the right words but at times like these we can resort to many words of wisdom that have been passed on to us: “Do not trouble the trouble”, “Weigh your words before you speak”, “You win a row, you lose a family” and so on. Interestingly, people sometimes forget that most of these sayings are just as applicable to business as they are to personal life.

At SanTranslate we don’t just provide the right translation, we will also jump the language hurdle to think of the “right words” to support you and your business.